Wondering How Does a Dog Feels When Rehomed?

Wondering How Does a Dog Feels When Rehomed?

Many dog owners want to give their dogs a fur-ever home, but sometimes life has a different plan in mind. If you are someone looking to take in a rehomed dog, there are important things to keep in mind.

Rehoming a dog can be challenging for everyone involved, but understanding how a dog feels can help prepare and help make the transition go a little smoother.

Common Feelings & Behaviors

Imagine moving somewhere completely foreign for you and you don’t know anyone and you’re not even sure why you are there. That can be extremely overwhelming. The same goes for dogs being rehomed.

When a dog starts going through the rehoming process, they can feel many emotions just like a human may feel. Dogs being rehomed often feel emotions such as anxiety, confusion, scared, stress, and uncertainty.

After all, dogs may form a very loyal and tight bond with their original owners and a sudden change of this alters their whole life, personality included.

Separation pain is a very real thing for pets, and dogs may express that pain in various ways. Common signs and behaviors you may notice in the beginning stages of getting your newly rehomed dog include:

  • Barking

  • Whining or crying

  • Pacing and hiding

  • Unmotivated 

  • Not eating or drinking

  • Destructive behaviors

Something to keep in mind is that different factors, such as a dog’s age and their previous living situation, may also play a large role in how they behave towards you and their new environment. 

For example, if your rehomed dog comes from a home where the owners were neglectful, they may be shy and seem reluctant to connect with you.

On the other hand, if they had a very tight-knit relationship with their previous owners or are older, the dog may display signs of depression such as sleeping a lot or not eating.

Making a Smooth Transition

If you are considering or needing to rehome your dog, don’t settle. Find someone or a family that acts as a haven for your pup and can provide everything your dog needs—not only the essentials, but also trust, patience, stability, and love. 

If you are gaining a new fur-ever friend, there are certain things to consider and ways to make the rehoming process a little easier for everyone. 

Transitioning your new dog most likely won’t happen overnight. Just like age and previous history plays a role in their behaviors, they also may play a role in transition length.

While a puppy may transition into their new home fairly quickly, an older dog that had an established home and bond may take longer to warm up to their new environment.

No one dog is the same, but these seven steps may help many dogs transition into their new space and family a little bit easier:

  1. First things first, do a meet and greet to see if it will be a good fit. This is especially helpful if you have children and other pets.

  2. If at all possible, rehome in the morning. Dogs tend to be a little less anxious during that time.

  3. Have previous owners bring the dog’s favorite items, such as toys, blankets, beds, etc. This may give them more sense of security and familiarity.

  4. The minute your new dog is in your possession, give them a tour of your home. Simply just walk with them throughout the house and the areas that they are allowed to be in. 

  5. During that tour, show them their own special place. Giving them a space specifically for them can act as a safe haven for them and make them more comfortable.

  6. Provide plenty of mental and physical stimulation to keep them and their minds active.

  7. Spend as much quality time together as possible. Get to know your new pup and let them get a sense of who you are. Bonding with them can make all the difference, but remember to be patient. 

Rehoming can be tough on dogs mentally and physically. Ensure you’re giving your new best friend the life they deserve.

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