Is joint pain slowing down your dog?

Help your best friend feel like a puppy again. Pupgrade supplement treats are clinically proven to ease joint pain and increase hind leg strength by up to 41%.

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Healthy & Delicious Treats For Your Dog

Treat your best friend to a happier life with less stress and pain. Pupgrade supplement treats are fortified with Perna Canaliculus extracted from pure freeze-dried New Zealand Green-Lipped Mussels. Decades of studies prove that Perna Canaliculus supplements really do work to reduce joint pain in arthritic dogs.

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Pupgrade To Restore Your Dog's Active Lifestyle

Thanks to advances in veterinary medicine, dogs are living longer than ever. But longevity also increases the odds they’ll suffer from arthritis pain. Instead of running, your dog may limp, walk stiffly and jumping into to a favorite chair becomes impossible. No longer the playful pup you remember, your dog now prefers resting and may even be grumpy.

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