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Amazing product!

Verified Customer

Joint Support is a miracle! My dog is 14-years-old. She was losing her ability to stand-up. Her back legs would buckle, and she would go down. It was hard for her to get up plus she had joint pain. She would not let me massage her hips anymore because they were so sore. Since I have taken Glucosamine & Chondroitin for 20 years and am pain free, I thought why not give Joint Support a try for her.
I started low dose since she is sensitive so that has been one a day. Within three days she was not buckling and on the fourth day she wanted to run. She is on her ninth day, and we did eight laps on 1 1/2 acres. We ran, we walked, and she pulled me! What a joy to see her feel good! This is an excellent product and very reasonably priced. I would recommend this product very highly! Thank you PupGrade! You are awesome!

Amazing results

Verified Customer

My 14 year old golden was having trouble getting up to the point he would just lay there instead of trying. I can not believe it but he was better after only 1 day of giving him 2 chews. I was in shock to say the least. I wish I had gotten this sooner. I am now on my 2nd order and about 4 weeks into this treatment and he is bouncing around like a puppy. He still has a slight issue but I would say he is 85% better. I highly recommend this product, thank you for helping my baby.

A Miracle for Roxie

Verified Customer

My Cockapoo fur baby is 11 years old. She started having trouble getting up and down the outside stairs because of arthritis and weakness in her back legs and back. I had to help her up and down the stairs as she just couldn't do it anymore. I happened to see your product advertised on Facebook so I ordered enough for 4 months. The first month I gave her 2 a day. One in the morning and one at night.
After taking them for 2 weeks she was able to get up out of her bed by herself and at the end of 3 weeks she was going up and down the stairs by herself. Thank you so much for your product that has given life back to my baby girl. I will make sure that she always has her "magic treat". BTW..she loves them. Thank you


Verified Customer

One of our dogs who is 12 years old started having joint issues, at the worst she could barely move. We started giving her 2 of these a day and she got better, we have been giving her 1 a day for several months and she has no issues getting around. It's like the holy grail, for dogs. Wish there was an equivalent for me.

Happy Pup 🐶

Verified Customer

I have been giving my 10 year old Beagle the joint support chew for about 6 months now. She looks forward to getting them every morning and patiently sits waiting for it. I started them because she had suffered a leg injury. She went from limping and favoring her hind leg to now going back up & down the stairs. These have truly enhanced my dog's quality of life 100%.

Can’t beat PupGrade!!

Verified Customer

Cubby is 9 years old and after a month of these joint support chews from PupGrade, he is running around like a little puppy again! He loves the tastes of these chews! They are so easy to give to him daily. I love to see my little 9 year running around like a puppy again!