Daily Multivitamin
Daily Multivitamin
Daily Multivitamin
Daily Multivitamin

Daily Multivitamin

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A full spectrum, chewable multivitamin for dogs and puppies of all breeds, sizes, ages, and activity levels. Suitable for everyday canine health. Soft chews taste like a meaty treat, making them easier to administer.

  • Contains vitamins A, C, D & E
  • Full spectrum stress B complex
  • Essential fatty acids for heart health
  • Probiotic enzymes for healthy digestion

Your dog's health is in your hands, keep them in tip-top shape with PupGrade's Multivitamin chews.

  • Unique Blend

    Our Daily Multi has been developed to meet the specific nutritional needs of your dog. Our Multivitamin chews are the ideal supplement to your dog’s diet and health. Not only will our chews benefit your dog, they can be used as a tasty treat too!

  • Skin & Fur health

    Daily Multi contains a perfect blend of vitamins, amino acids & essential fatty acids to ensure that your dog has a healthy coat and skin. Often dogs suffer from vitamin deficiencies that affect their skin & coats causing irritation & excessive malting.

  • Meat Flavored Chews

    Often other chews & tablets are unpalatable & an unenjoyable experience for your dog. Our chews have gone through rigorous taste testing across all breeds to find the perfect blend of flavors so that your pooch will enjoy them and keep coming back for more!

Cod Liver Oil

Fish oil is probably the most valuable supplement for your dog’s diet. EPA and DHA, the omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil, can reduce inflammation caused by arthritis, boost your pet's immune system, lower blood pressure and promote weight loss in overweight dogs.

  • Supports dogs cardiovascular health
  • Enhances brain health & activity
  • Naturally anti-inflammatory

Cod oil should be a staple in all dogs daily diet, unfortunately, it's not commonly used in major dog food brands, PupGrade Multivitamin is a good source for this vital oil.

Jumping Dog

Brewer's Yeast

Rich in B vitamins and Omega-3 complex, Brewer's Yeast is safe for dogs and actually repels fleas and ticks. When taken along with fish oil, brewer's yeast has even stronger pest-repelling qualities.

  • Helps maintain blood sugar levels
  • Promotes healthy skin and shiny coat
  • Naturally reduces stress and calms nerves

Brewer’s yeast contains chromium, selenium, protein, and a number of B-complex vitamins. All important ingredients to help promote and maintain a dog's healthy lifestyle.

Happy Dog

Vitamins A, C, D & E

These well-known antioxidants remove harmful free radicals from your dog's body. Antioxidants slow the aging process, support a healthy immune system and reduce the risk of degenerative conditions such as cancer, arthritis, and heart disease.

  • Great for healthy liver, kidney, and lungs
  • Helps recover from injury quicker
  • Maintains and promotes strong bones

Standard dog food doesn’t typically supply proper doses of vitamins A, C, D & E which are vital to your dog’s diet and health, PupGrade Multivitamin is a good source of these crucial vitamins.

Jumping Dog

Full Spectrum B Vitamins

B vitamins regulate your dog’s muscle and nerve functions and also convert glucose to energy. Muscle weakness, loss of reflexes and a lack of appetite are signs of canine vitamin B deficiency.

  • Improve's overall energy and endurance
  • Helps maintain healthy body weight
  • Improves dry skin and reduces hair loss

Perhaps the most important vitamin complex for your dog's health, and the most often depletion due to standard dog food diets that do not contain enough B vitamins.

Happy Dog

Additional Ingredients

Oat flour, brewers dried yeast, glycerin, rye flour, calcium phosphate, arabic gum, vegetable flavor, calcium carbonate, canola oil, soy lecithin, fish oil concentrate, l-ascorbyl-2-polyphosphate, maltodextrin, sodium alginate, calcium sulfate, citrus pectin, water, vitamin E supplement, dl-methionine, vitamin B12 supplement, ferrous sulfate, sorbic acid (a preservative), zinc sulfate, niacinamide, d-calcium pantothenate, mixed tocopherols (a preservative), propionic acid (a preservative), manganese sulfate, inositol, riboflavin, copper sulfate, magnesium oxide, vitamin D supplement, vitamin A supplement, pyridoxine hydrochloride, sodium selenite, thiamine mononitrate, biotin, folic acid, potassium chloride, calcium iodate.

9 out of 10 "DOG-TORS" Agree. PupGrade Multivitamin is a hit!

Dog and PupGrade Multi

As with any of our PupGrade products, we tested our formula extensively to ensure our Multivitamin is not only the best source and dosage of important ingredients your dog needs to maintain excellent health, but it had to taste amazing as well!

Your dog will love these Multivitamin chew treats and beg for them every day.

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