5 Early Warning Signs Of Dog Arthritis (& How To Prevent It)

5 Early Warning Signs Of Dog Arthritis (& How To Prevent It)

My lab is 9 years old & I've had her since she was a pup. She would go everywhere with me - we'd go on walks together, chill on the couch, she'd go everywhere with me in my truck - we were inseparable!


But, if you'd have seen her 2 weeks ago you'd never believe it! Arthritis & joint pain has made her life a nightmare her over the last few years. This left her unable to go on long walks, heck even a 10-minute walk started to get too much for her. She couldn't jump in the truck or on our sofa anymore, it was heart-breaking to watch.


I traveled around & spoke with multiple vets who told me there was nothing that could be done - I really wish I'd have identified the signs of Arthritis earlier so I could have done something. Every vet recommended putting her on pain killers as it was the only real thing that would help her (THEY WERE WRONG).


The painkillers & things they gave me just made her sick & even more unhappy. She'd be drowsy & just wouldn't be herself! That's when I knew I had to do something myself, Painkillers were just masking the problem & weren't actually fixing the issue - so I started researching. I read article after article and tried multiple supplements, I even reached out to some really well-respected dog nutritionists on Facebook & Instagram. After a while, I started to notice a trend & this one name kept being mentioned more and more.....PupGrade.


They are a Florida based company who specialize in USA made dog supplements & treats. They have an absolutely life-changing joint health treat for dogs - and I can say that because I have seen the results 1st hand.


I took the plunge & ordered their Joint Chews online, I couldn't believe how fast they came (they arrived the next day)! The instructions on the back said to start with 1 chew per day because of how much she weighed - She immediately gobbled it down without hesitation! Something she didn't do with any of the other things I'd tried.

I didn't expect to see results right away...but boy was I WRONG! After just 3 days of giving her the Joint Chews, I could see that she wasn't as stiff anymore & started to get in her bed/lay down a lot better. Fast forward another 3 days & she did something she hasn't done in almost 12 months....She jumped on the sofa!

After 2 weeks of being on the chews, she is almost fully recovered. The transformation has been unreal & more people need to know about these chews! She's running around & hopping into my truck like her old self.

I just wish I'd discovered PupGrades joint health chews sooner - and that’s why I’m sharing this with you today, so you can save your dog from unnecessary pain and discomfort.

But please, if your dog has any of these symptoms (which are 5 early indicators or Arthritis and joint pain), I really do urge you to start giving them PupGrade's Joint Health chews, it could literally change their life.

#1 - Gain of Weight:

In this instance, obesity is usually caused by reduced activity due to being in too much pain to exercise, only making the problem worse!

#2 - Limping:

If your dog is limping when walking/running or having issues laying down/getting up

#3 - Difficulty in normal day-to-day movements:

The most common sign of this is just simple movements like jumping to greet visitors or struggling to get comfortable in their bed.

#4 - Lethargy and tendency to sleep more:

They often sleep longer to sleep through their pain & they tire much quicker from daily activities.

#5 - Urinating Indoors:

Involuntary loss of control of muscles in the bladder may lead to urinating indoors.

These chews work incredibly well as a preventative measure, helping to stop arthritis develop before it even begins. You won't believe it until you've tried!

Just click the yellow button below to get started (they also have a 90-day 100% money back guarantee so it’s totally risk-free)