4 Ways Dogs Make Your Life Better

4 Ways Dogs Make Your Life Better

Less illness

Having a dog is a great way to expose yourself to a more diverse amount of bacteria. As horrible as this sounds, it’s actually incredibly beneficial to expose yourself to different bacteria. It helps to diversify and build your immunity, making you get sick less frequently and less severely than those without dogs. 

More exercise

It’s no secret that dogs need exercise. In order to get that exercise, you must interact and play with your dog. By owning a dog, you get more exercise and reap the benefits of better heart health and more energy. 


Studies have shown that dog owners are less likely to suffer from depression than non-dog owners. Dogs require care and attention which can provide owners with a strong sense of purpose: caring for another creature. It also helps owners become more active, again lowering the likelihood for depression.

Less stress

Stress levels in people who interact with dogs frequently have been shown to be lower than that of people who don’t many companies have been introducing “Bring Your Dog to Work” days which can help encourage productivity and less stress.

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