The Supplement Your Dog Needs

The Supplement Your Dog Needs

As a dog owner, you want the absolute best for your dog. A happy, active, rewarding life is something you strive to provide your precious pup throughout their life. But what if I told you your dog was missing something? That there was a vital ingredient that could take care of many of your dog’s current and future health issues?

That product is hemp.

No doubt you’ve heard of hemp before. Don’t worry, we’re not talking about marijuana for dogs. In fact, while marijuana and hemp are both from the Cannabis plant, hemp is a non-intoxicating strain that is typically used for industrial purposes like textiles, beauty products, and pet supplements. 

Hemp has been utilized for centuries, tracing all the way back to 8000-7000 B.C. where Cannabis Sativa appears to have originated in China. It’s popularity steadily rose as societies recognized it as one of the strongest natural fibers in the world. By 1492, hemp was used to make the ropes, sails, and caulking of Columbus’ ships. In terms of more recent history and its place in America, hemp paper was used for the Declaration of Independence and was a mandatory crop in many states. It’s safe to say that hemp has been a staple fiber throughout history. 

“Ok, ok, I get it. It’s historical and not the same as marijuana. Why would I give it to my dog?”

I’m glad you asked!

Hemp has an incredible number of benefits for dogs, but for the sake of time, we’re going to discuss them in three categories: External Health, Internal Heath, and Mental Health. 

External Health

Your dog’s external health is an often neglected part of their overall health. The well-being of your dog’s skin and coat plays a large role in their comfort and happiness. Just as hemp is used in lotion and soap for humans, the nutrients in hemp penetrate deep within the skin layers and promote healthy cell growth. Regular hemp usage contributes to a glossy coat that will make your pet look and feel good. 

Internal Health

There’s no doubt that the internal health of your pup takes a high priority. From getting vaccines at the vet to feeding them daily multivitamins, the health of your dog is a major factor of their life happiness. Hemp is the perfect boost to your dog’s immune system and cardiovascular system. In addition to warding away disease, studies have shown that the anti-inflammatory properties in hemp can help alleviate joint pains and keeping your pet active. 

Mental Health

If you have a dog that experiences any form of anxiety, you’ll know how stressful and devastating it can be for both dog and owner. No owner wants to see their dog in constant fear and no dog wants to experience it. Hemp is by far the most well equipped product for handling anxiety. First, it’s all natural, so you know that you won’t be feeding your pet unnecessary chemicals. Second, it’s calming properties help to mellow out your pet, giving them relief from their stress. This is especially useful during times of anxiety that can’t be controlled, like during a storm or a fireworks display on the 4th of July. 

“Alright you’ve convinced me. Where do I find hemp?”

Again, glad you asked!

PupGrade has developed a brand new, state of the art product called the Health & Mood Enhancer. The main ingredient is 100% organic hemp powder and is formulated to promote calm and reduce anxiety in dogs, as well as improve cardiovascular function, boost healthy immune response, and encourage shiny coats and superior skin. We highly recommend this product for dogs with situational or chronic anxiety. You can get your here!

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