The Best Supplement for Your Dog

The Best Supplement for Your Dog

What is PupGrade Joint Supplement?

PupGrade Joint Support Supplements are a specially formulated supplement for any dog suffering from hip dysplasia, joint disease, or arthritis. It is especially recommended for senior dogs, dog’s suffering from the aforementioned joint issues, or as preventive care for dogs prone to joint problems.  

How does it work?

We’ve packed some of the most powerful ingredients that we could find into these flavorful treats. Let’s go through our four heavy hitting ingredients and how they serve your dog’s needs. 

Perna Canaliculus 

Extracted from green-lipped mussels in New Zealand, Perna is responsible for helping to relieve the joint pain of many dogs. This ingredient performed 100x better than Omega 3, a vitamin known for supplementing joint health. In fact, in controlled studies, Perna reduced overall swelling and inflammation in dogs aged 4-13 after only six weeks. This is the PupGrade secret weapon!

Glucosamine and Chondroitin

This duo is naturally occurring in your dog’s body, helping to repair cartilage and body tissue, increasing your dog’s mobility. Supplements that have these ingredients are highly recommended for dogs of any age, as they are fantastic preventative care. They naturally boost mobility, help lubricate joints, and reduce pain with anti-inflammatory properties. 


MSM is an organic sulfur compound that cleans the blood stream and flushes toxins from cells, leading to better intake of vitamins and nutrients at the cellular level and prolonging life. 


Dimethylglycine, or DMG, is an energy, endurance, and muscle metabolism enhancer. Due to its ability to remove lactic acid from the muscles, it enhances your dog’s athletic abilities. 

What makes it different?

How is our supplement different from any other supplement? A great question with a simple answer: PupGrade Joint Supplements target the cause of joint discomfort, not just the symptoms. Our unique blend of ingredients revitalizes and lubricates joints, leading to an up to 41% increase in hind leg strength. Say goodbye to pills you have to hide in your dog’s food. Our supplements are meat flavored chews, sure to get your dog’s attention. 

Where can I get it?

You can get them from our website. Because quality is our number one priority, we make all our products here in the US. We think you should give our supplements a chance, so we’ve included a coupon below so your dog can feel good again!

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