How to Prepare Your Dog for Winter

How to Prepare Your Dog for Winter

It’s almost December and for most of the country, winter weather is in full swing. In preparing for the cold, sometimes we can forget about our furry friends. That’s why we’ve compiled seven things you can do to prepare your dog for winter. 

1. Get your dog a coat

It’s well known that some dogs are naturally more prepared for winter than others. Breeds like Huskies, St. Bernards, and Akitas have naturally thick, double-layered fur coats that keep them warm through the harsh winter weather. However, there are many more breeds that are not as suited for winter. Boxers, Greyhounds, and Boston Terriers are excellent examples dogs with short fur who would be unable to be in cold weather for long. For dogs of this type that wish to trek into the cold, a dog coat is the best plan. This will keep your furry friend nice and warm til they can go inside. 

2. Prepare their joints

Just like humans, drastic changes in temperature can exacerbate joint problems. When it’s cold, more blood is sent to the heart and lungs in an effort to keep warm and regulate body temperature. This means less blood goes to the joints, causing inflammation and pain. This pain and discomfort is the last thing you want your pup to be experiencing during the holiday season. Get ahead of the problem by giving your dog a daily joint supplement. We suggest our PupGrade Joint Support, which is packed with powerful ingredients that not only fight the symptoms of joint pain, but the cause of it. 

3. Booties for walking outside

During winter, your dog not only has to contend with freezing cold ice and snow, but salt laid out to remove ice from the ground. This salt can damage paws and be toxic if ingested. The best course of action is to put your dog in some form of boots. This will prevent their paws from getting to cold or being exposed to salt. 

5. Keep hydrated

Water is essential to your dog regulating body temperature. Keep a clean bowl of water ready and waiting during the day and make sure your dog drinks after a day out. A good test to know if your pup if dehydrated is to check their nose. If it’s wet, they’re hydrated. If not, they need water. 

6. Get a heating pad

This may seem a little more bougie, but getting your dog a heating pad can be a nice treat. It’s a quick way to warm them up while letting them rest. A heating pad is a great alternative to a lit fireplace. Especially if your dog needs to warm up quickly. Just make sure your dog is monitored while the pad is in use to avoid any chord chewing. 

7. Insulate bed

No matter where your dog sleeps, you’ll want to ensure they are kept warm throughout the cold winter nights. Instead of the heating pad, which would require electricity, opt for a safer option. Pack the space with extra blankets or a thicker bed can help keep your friend warm and toasty. 


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