Benefits of Exercising with Your Dog

Benefits of Exercising with Your Dog

It’s no secret that exercise is good for you. There is a laundry list of benefits to getting your body moving, both mentally and physically. However, exercise can get lonely. Some enjoy the isolation that working out alone provides, but sometimes a workout playlist is not enough. In honor of National Walk Your Dog Day, here are the top 3 benefits to exercising with your dog!

Strengthening Your Bond

Bonding with your dog is an incredibly important part of being a pet owner. The bond that you create with your furry friend will last a lifetime. That’s why exercise is a fabulous way to get the ball rolling. 30-45 minutes of exercise keeps your dog engaged. Plus, this exercise doesn’t have to be just running. Working on commands or agility with your dog works the two of you both mentally and psychically while increasing your bond. 

Reducing Anxiety

Anxiety can have a major impact on both you and your dog. It is a stressful state of mental health that can range from mildly intrusive to completely debilitating. While serious mental health issues should be addressed with a mental health professional, a good way to shake those anxious feelings is to get some exercise. Multiple studies have shown that exercise is a simple way to reduce feelings of stress and anxiety. 

Promoting Healthy Joints & Muscles

When it comes to healthy muscles and joints, it’s easy to assume that the less pressure, the better. However, that’s not exactly the case. Frequent use of muscles and joints during exercise can help strengthen the body and prolong your ability to use said body. The same goes for dogs. The more activity they do, the stronger they may become, especially with the added benefits of a Joint Support Chew

So, you’re convinced that spending time with your furry friend is not just beneficial for you, but also for your pet. But how do you know what activity is right for you? Here are a few of our favorites!

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