Subscribe & Save

How do I start an Subscribe & Save subscription?

  • Find a product eligible for subscribe and select your preferred quantity and frequency.
  • Place your order
  • Review your order details.
  • Click confirm subscription.

Before each shipment, we will send an e-mail notification to let you know your next order is being processed so you can make any necessary updates, if needed.

How can I edit my Subscription?

You can access and manage your subscription 24 hours a day to make edits to your account. Simply login to your account and click "Manage Subscription". You can adjust your delivery date, add and remove products, adjust your shipping frequency, edit your customer information, and cancel or pause your subscription at any time inside the Subscription Center or by contacting customer service. You are under no obligation. Cancel your Auto-Replenish program at any time.

How do I cancel my subscription?

To cancel your Subscribe & Save subscription:

  • Login to your PupGrade Account.
  • Click "Manage Subscription" to access any active plans.
  • Click Cancel subscription, then click Confirm cancellation.

And if you’d rather talk on the Phone or via Email, please Contact Us for support.

Can I combine sales discounts with Subscribe & Save?

Store wide coupons are separate from Subscribe & Save coupons, standard coupon codes cannot be applied to Subscribe & Save orders unless specifically stated.

Can I add products to my Subscribe & Save subscription?

Yes! To adjust the products in your order, go to the "Manage Subscriptions" under your PupGrade Account. Or contact a member of our support team and they'll help you update the prodcuts in your subscribe and save order.