Training Made Easy: Shake

Training Made Easy: Shake

By now your pup knows some basic commands: sit and lay down. Now we’re moving into fun trick territory. Getting your dog to shake can be a little tricky, but once you have it down, it’s easy to convert to high five if you so choose. 

So let’s look at the two methods you can use to train your dog to shake. 

The Waiting Game

This method can potentially take the longest, as it involves just waiting for your dog to raise their paw naturally. 

  1. Kneel, put your hand out, palm up, in front of your dog. They should be able to clearly see and reach it, so chest level is ideal.
  2. Your puppy is likely to sniff, lick, and interact with your hand. This is totally normal. Eventually your pup may raise their paw to smack your hand. When this happens, verbally praise and give a treat.
  3. Repeat the process. After a few successful tries, start introducing the word “shake” in order to connect it to the action. With consistent practice, your dog should have it down in no time.

Coaxing Your Pup

This method is a much more active approach to getting your dog to shake. 

  1. Just as before, have your dog sit , kneel down, and lightly tap on your dog’s paw. More than likely this will make your dog uncomfortable to some extent, prompting them to move their paw away.
  2. As soon as your dog picks up their paw, move your hand under it as though your shaking. Verbally praise and reward the action.
  3. Continue this, slowly adding the verbal cue “shake” into the mix until your puppy is lifting their paw on their own.

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