Best Friends Day Activities for You & Your Furry Friend

Best Friends Day Activities for You & Your Furry Friend

Our furry friends are often referred to as “human’s best friend,” and it is easy to understand why. Pets are loyal, caring, and offer unconditional love. What more could you ask for in a best friend?

June 8th is Best Friends Day — a day to show your special someone that you call a best friend how much you appreciate them and how important they are to you. 

If your dog could talk, they would probably let you know all the time how much you mean to them, so do a little something special for your furry friend to let them know you appreciate them just as much.

Here are some fun activities for you and your furry friend can do to commemorate the day and spend some quality time together:

going for a walk with dog

Go For a Walk

While this might be a simple activity in your daily routine, you can easily make it even more fun for the both of you! 

Grab your pup and go soak up your city like tourists (but with a better sense of direction). Plan your route and possibly take breaks at some of the local pet-friendly businesses.

Long walks not for you and your dog? Go for a nice drive instead! Crack the window and let the breeze blow through their fur (just be sure they are safe, of course). 

 dog beach

Visit a Dog Park or Beach

Take your bestie to go play with their other besties at the dog park or dog-friendly beach. They get to run, play, and meet other pups while you soak up some sun.

With summer upon us, what better way to spend Best Friends Day than digging your toes — and paws — into the sand and playing in the water? Just remember to keep your dog nice and cool, and make sure they have plenty of water and shade.

shopping with dog

Go Shopping

Love to shop and want to bring your best fur friend along? Shopping with your dog doesn’t have to mean you can only go to pet stores and boutiques. More and more stores are becoming pet-friendly, but be sure to check beforehand! 

You can even treat your bestie to a Puppuccino along the way! 

dog playing with toy

Play With a New Toy

After your pup picked out a new toy while you were out shopping, spend the rest of the afternoon playing! 

Playtime is not only fun, but it is both mentally and physically beneficial for your pet. If they are tuckered out after a good play session, you know they were not only having fun, but were mentally stimulated as well. 

Whether it is a ball, frisbee, or even a puppy puzzle, your dog will be ecstatic to play with their new favorite toy with you.

dog training

Do Some Training

A dog is never too old to learn new tricks. Your older dog (or even you) could maybe use a refresher or your new puppy is working on learning some tricks. You’re not only spending quality time with your best friend, but also making sure the time spent is beneficial for you both.

This is an activity that could be done either indoor or outdoor, so no need to worry about the weather with this one.

dog treats

Make Homemade Dog Treats

If you’d rather spend some time inside, we have the perfect activity for you and your pup.

Just like many humans, the way to your furry friend’s heart is (probably) through their stomach. Spoil your furry friend and spend Best Friends Day baking some homemade treats. There are plenty of recipes for homemade dog treats you can find online. Be sure to use only recipes that use ingredients that are safe for your dog to eat. 

At PupGrade, we firmly believe that everyone deserves the love and ultimate friendship of a dog. The amount of unconditional, overwhelming love that comes from a pup cannot be replicated. Help your dog get the most out of life and keep them healthy so they can 100% enjoy fun best friend activities like the ones we’ve mentioned above.

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