5 Signs Your Dog May Have Joint Pain

5 Signs Your Dog May Have Joint Pain

Joint pain is one of the most common ailments that dogs face. Studies show that 20% of all dogs will at some point be treated for arthritis. Though any dog can suffer from this chronic pain, large breed dogs are the most susceptible. So let’s go over some signs your dog may present and how to relieve and prevent pain. 


  1. Irritability - As the pain in the joint develops, your dog will start to get more irritable as he or she deals with the pain. Don’t be surprised if you dog has a reluctance to be touched on the sore joint. 

  1. Slow movements - Movement will become more limited since your dog will not want to cause himself or herself more pain. This means they may sit out or lag behind during their favorite activities, like walking, running, and fetching. 

  1. Insomnia - Dogs with arthritis sometimes experience insomnia, due to the pain and inability to lay comfortably. If your pup is having trouble sleeping, this could be the cause. 

  1. Licking of a sore joint - If you spot your dog using this coping mechanism on a joint that he or she won’t allow you to touch, it’s possible they may have joint pain. 

  1. Reluctance to jump into cars, off beds and couches, or use stairs - When dealing with joint pain, your dog may not be able to leap off the bed like they used to. Keep an eye out for any hesitation your pup has about jumping. 


Relief isn’t far away for dogs with joint pain. The easiest solution is to make certain your pup is the correct weight for their breed, as joint pain can often happen through obesity. If your dog is overweight, upping their exercise can help relieve some of that pain. Strengthening your dog’s muscles through physical therapy can also help lower some of the strain. 

If weight isn’t the issue, you can also give your dog supplements or medication to help ease the pain and repair those joints. Though it is considered more of a last resort, there are even surgical procedures to alleviate joint issues. 


You don’t have to solve a problem that never arises. Prevention is the key to lessening or eliminating joint problems. Starting your dog on a joint supplement early in life is key to maintain their mobility as they get older. The PupGrade Joint Support chew has a unique blend of nutrients that can help increase hind leg strength by 41%. It’s especially good for dogs that are prone to hip dysplasia. 

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