12 Dogy Life Hacks You NEED to Know

12 Dogy Life Hacks You NEED to Know

As of 2020, there are 77 million dogs living in the United States. With all those dog owners, there are sure to be millions of dog life hacks that are floating around on the internet. Well, we’ve scoured that internet for the top 12 life hacks that you NEED to know!

1. Dryer sheets pick up dog hair

Who needs expensive dog hair catchers and special vacuum attachments. Dryer sheets will do the trick in a pinch! Just run the sheet over the couch, pillows, or anywhere else that collects fur. 

2. Let your dog chase bubbles

Bubbles are an easy and cheap way to get your dog moving with minimal effort provided by you. Buy a few packs of bubbles and watch your dog be entertained. You can even get a bubble machine if you want to do even less. 

3. Get your dog a kiddie pool

Kiddie pools serve an awesome dual purpose. When it’s hot in the summertime, a kiddie pool is a fantastic way for your dog to cool off and splash around a bit. It also doubles as a doggy bath!

4. Soften food with warm water

Just as with humans, as dogs age, their teeth begin to weaken. This can make eating dry food a little difficult. If your dog is having trouble, try adding a little warm water or chicken broth to the dry food to soften it. 

5. Use natural products to calm your dog 

Anxiety is a common occurrence in dogs. It may be due to situational triggers like fireworks or thunderstorms or could be due to separation from their owner. Symptoms like panting, barking, hiding, and more can be disheartening for both dog and owner. While vets can prescribe heavy medications to calm your dog, it’s not always the best or cheapest option. PupGrade Health and Mood Enhancer is the natural solution to calming your dog without man-made chemicals. Made from Organic Hemp Powder, Passionflower, Chamomile and other natural ingredients that promote calm and reduce anxiety. Check out our Health and Mood Enhancer here!

6. Get rid of skunk smell with hydrogen peroxide & baking soda

Ok, we’re hoping you never have to use this hack. But should the worst-case scenario arise and your furry friend squares off with a skunk, we have the solution for you. Mix soap with hydrogen peroxide and baking soda and scrub down your dog until the smell dissipates. 

7. Elevate your dog's bowl

As your pup gets older, it may get harder and harder for them to bend down to their food and water bowls. You can help by supporting the bowls with a riser or elevated tray. 

8. Use fruits and veggies as training treats

We all love treats, but giving your dog tons of manufactured goodies can be unhealthy in the long run. Consider switching to fruits like apples or veggies like carrots as a training treat. 

9. Chip your dog

10 million dogs and cats are lost every single year. Accidentally leaving a gate open or something frightening can cause your dog to bolt. While this happens every day, dogs who are microchipped by their vet have a return-to-owner rate of 52%. That’s huge compared to the 22% of dogs who are not chipped. So please, microchip your dog!

10. Use a magic eraser to clean up drool marks

Dogs drool, that’s a no brainer. While drool is normal, excessive drooling can cause stains around the house. Try a magic eraser to get rid of them!

11. Make frozen treats

Summer activities mean panting and hot dogs. To keep your pups cool and occupied, put together some frozen treats. You can find some here

12. Keep dry food in a sealed container

Keeping dry food in an airtight container stops bugs and mold from producing. On top of that, dogs heavily rely on their sense of smell when it comes to food. By having dry food out in the open, it loses its “delicious” scent and could be the reason your dog has lost interest in their food. 

Have any of these tips and tricks helped you? Which one was your favorite? Let us know down in the comments!

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