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Sourced, smoked, and hardened in the Himalayas of Nepal, these Yak Chews are the perfect healthy, savory snack for your hungry pup.


Our chews are made to last, even against the most aggressive chewer. Yak’s Milk, our main ingredient, is turned into a safe and healthy hardened cheese that takes quite a bit of effort to chew, making this treat perfect for brain stimulation by promoting concentration and mental exhaustion. Your dog will love spending time chewing our Yak Milk Dog Chews right up!


Our Yak Milk Dog Chews contain a blend of vitamins, amino acids, and essential fatty acids, meaning these treats are not only safe for digestion but super healthy, too! These chews are great at promoting oral hygiene and dental health, including strengthening jaw muscles, removing plaque from teeth, and minimizing disease.


When it comes to your dog’s diet and health, choosing the safest snack option is a no-brainer. That’s why our Yak Milk Dog Chews are the ideal alternative to dangerous rawhides. Not only do our unique chews contain B vitamins and vitamin A and are safe enough for digestion, but they are also rich in protein.

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B-Complex Vitamins

The Yak Milk Cheese in our chews is hardened and smoked to be jam-packed with B-complex vitamins that are, perhaps, the most important vitamin complex for your dog's health. B-complex vitamins can:

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Help to convert glucose into energy
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Promote a shinier coat
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Promote a healthy metabolism

Our Yak chews are made to be completely safe for your dog’s digestive system. During the manufacturing process, lactose is removed from the milk, meaning the levels of lactose are extremely low in our chews.

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Vitamin A

Just like B-complex vitamins, vitamin A is an important part of your dog’s healthy lifestyle. Vitamin A is an antioxidant, as well as an essential vitamin for optimal health. Vitamin A can:

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Support healthy eyesight
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Support healthy skin
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Promote strong bones

Standard dog treats, like hazardous rawhides, bully sticks, milk bones, or antler chews, lack essential vitamins that promote a healthy and happy pup, but our Yak Milk Dog Chews are a safer, healthier, and fully digestible alternative.

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Protein and Calcium

The hardened cheese in our chews is full of essential fatty acids, amino acids like protein, and minerals like calcium. Not only are our chews safe for limited ingredient diets, but protein and calcium can help to:

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Promote dental hygiene and oral health
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Contribute to a healthy coat & skin
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Support muscle development

Every dog needs a balance of organic compounds and nutrients for overall wellness and normal growth. That’s why we’ve made sure all our ingredients are safe, simple, and able to help promote your dog's healthy lifestyle.

Simple Ingredients. More Benefits.

Yak’s Milk, Cow’s Milk, Salt, Lime Juice.

The Safer Snack Alternative to Keep Your Dog Happy and Healthy!

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Our chews are made from yak and cow’s milk, with just a pinch of salt and lime juice, without binding agents, added preservatives, or GMOs. Yak Milk Dog Chews are healthy for limited ingredient diets. Plus, our chews have a natural nutritional value, a tasty, cheesy, smoky flavor your dog will go crazy for, and last longer than traditional treats.

Your dog is sure to love these Yak Milk Dog Chews and beg for them every day.

Your Dog Will Beg for More.

Your Dog Will Beg for More.

Experience the Benefits of Our Yak Chews

PupGrade’s Yak Chews are an all-natural, long-lasting chew your dog will love. Containing only four basic ingredients, this simple and tasty recipe is packed full of benefits and contains no binding agents or preservatives, and is non-GMO. No splinters, no mess, and easily digestible—the perfect treat for your dog.
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"PupGrade's Yak Milk Dog Chews are the best kept secret for dog chews! 🦴 My fur friend, Musubi, was able to finish other chews in no time at all. I wanted something that was safe, durable, and didn't smell. These chews check all of the boxes! ✅ The best part? They have NO smell. His oral health has been great with these chews as they let him wear off some of that plaque and tartar. 🦷✨ They are easily digestible and mess free. We love these chews!"

- Brittany & Musubi

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PupGrade Yak Milk Dog Chews

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