BEWARE: Toxic dog treats imported from China

A tragic story posted on tells an all too common story, unregulated imported dog treats from china poisoning animals.

It's very important you know what you're feeding your beloved pal, unfortunately there are very little rules and restrictions on imported dog food, in fact there are many more rules if it's made here in the USA.

"In July of 2014, Costco in Duncanville, Texas sold Cadet Brand Duck Breast  Jerky dog "treats" that were packaged in New Jersey and imported from China to my family for our beloved dog Celery (50lbs). She was fed these alleged quality and relatively expensive treats daily for 3 weeks before her eventual poisoned death. Later research exposed handfuls of news and article warnings on the dangers and hazards of this recalled "treat". These dogs all had the same symptoms. The manufacturer of this product HAD 4 facilities in China that were reduced to 1 after awareness was raised about the metal bins used to cook this jerky, seeping a hazardous chemical into the "treat". The last facility remains opened and active under the brand CADET. Product packaging proudly states "PRODUCT OF USA", but in small print says "Packaged in USA- New Jersey, Made in China".  Costco continues to have this item and other CADET brand items on the shelf after HUNDREDS of dogs have died and THOUSANDS have become severely ill. Its been almost 2 years and last week I took a stroll through my local Costco store in Duncanville, Texas. I was appalled to see the same dog "treat" back on their shelves and researched further to find new hazard warnings and recent cases. Costco argues that not enough evidence points to these deaths for them to take the financial loss of pulling them from the shelf. Although, PETCO has pulled the brand from their shelves completely. There are documented cases of children accidentally consuming the product and demonstrating the SAME symptoms as the dogs including lime green bile, total lethargy and symptoms similar to consumption of anti-freeze. I fed my baby poison and now all that I can do is arm the public with knowledge about this dangerous product. In honor of Celery , I am here to ask you to sign this petition to take a stance on the topic of dog food/treat safety, particularly with Costco who advertises signature family products . My hope is to protect your family from dealing with the heartache and senseless loss of a dear family friend. There are regulations to protect the lives of our animals (dog children), and when the USA stamp is posted on a product then people should be able to trust that it is safe. #DogLivesMatter" - Via Change.Org